From the shooting bench to the deer stand, find out how to get peak performance from in-line muzzleloading rifles - the top black-powder guns in North America's deer woods. Saskatchewan's Ian McMurchy has had a passion for shooting and hunting with in-line rifles since their development in the mid-1980s. His shooting tests and detailed reports of in-line rifle performance provide invaluable analysis for North America's white-tailed deer hunters. McMurchy, a widely respected shooter and hunter, has extensively fired and tested nearly every in-line rifle that has ever been commercially produced. The detailed reviews he shares in this book also draw on expert insight from other experienced gunsmiths, hunters and shooters. Learn How To: Pick the right in-line rifle to match your budget and hunting needs. Photos, diagrams and charts detail what you must know before buying. Develop practical, straight-shooting, hard-hitting black-powder loads for white-tailed deer hunting. Hone expert shooting techniques that deliver maximum performance from your in-line rifle. Analyze the trends and politics that affect muzzleloading laws for deer hunting across North America. Quickly and easily clean your in-line rifle so it always delivers maximum knock-down power in the deer woods.

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