How can three American beauties refuse these international millionaires...anything? The Millionaire's Indecent Proposal Would Stacy accept one million euros to be Franco's mistress for a month? How could practical Stacy say no? Their union would be pure pleasure... But Stacy didn't know Franco's offer was part of a bet... The Prince's Ultimate Deception Madeline arrived in Monaco with dreams of a holiday fling. Dangerously attractive Damon was perfect. Their nights of passion left Madeline craving more. Then she discovered her lover was actually a disguised prince...set to marry another woman. Being a royal mistress had not been part of her plan. The Playboy's Passionate Pursuit Toby had bet he could seduce starry-eyed Amelia. But when she left him after one night of passion, Toby swore he would win her back - then he would be the one to walk away! Meeting again in Monaco had thrown Amelia back into his arms...

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