Motivating Employees For Dummies shows business leaders how to communicate effectively with employees, increase their sense of responsibility, and promote excellent teamwork. Full of creative solutions to almost every kind of day-to-day situation, this handy guide offers everything business leaders need to increase employee performance and morale.Whether youre the CEO of a Fortune 500 company, the owner of a mom-and-pop shop, or a manager with just a handful of employees under you, Motivating Employees For Dummies shows you how to get more effort and production from employees without threats or intimidation. For anyone who needs to understand and master simple, effective motivational techniques, this book covers all the bases:Learn to communicate with employeesProvide a strategic vision that motivates othersCreate a dynamic, inspiring workplace and corporate cultureShow employees you careEstablish a mentoring programDesign a fair and motivational compensation schemeEncourage workplace diplomacy not politicsExpert author Max Messmer Chairman and CEO of the worlds largest specialized staffing firm reveals the secret (and not so secret) tricks to motivating employees in a positive manner. From communication to compensation and everything in between, he covers all the angles, giving you the tools and techniques you need to get fair effort for fair pay from the people who work for you. Inside youll find how to:See how your firm rates in employee motivationEstablish values and ethics your people can believe inEncourage and manage employee feedback and suggestionsFoster creativity and open thinkingChoose the right medium for communicating with employeesManage the appraisal processRecognize and reward effort and successUnderstand and promote true teamworkManage motivation through downsizing or mergersDeal with negative attitudes and habitual behaviorsToday it is more important than ever that business leaders find effective, employee friendly ways to motivate their people. This handy guide offers all the tools and ideas you need to keep your employees happy and productive.

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