"This book is about leadership, because we need a new brand of business and political leaders who know who they are. We need leaders who can relate spiritually and humanely to their fellow human beings, who can overcome challenges and exhibit innovation, creativity, and courage to tackle obstacles as they arise." --from the Preface In July 2008, global business executive Herta von Stiegel led a group of 28 multinational climbers, including seven disabled people, to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro for charity. Against incredible odds, 60 percent of the group made it to the summit--a remarkable feat considering that typically only 35 percent of climbers achieve that goal. The Mountain Within--which bears the name of Herta's award-winning documentary--tells the emotionally charged story of the climb. Herta's narrative reveals several invaluable lessons for today's business leaders: ruthlessly prepare; use failure as a stepping-stone for success; hang on to your vision; and know when it's time to come down from the mountain. Reinforcing the leadership lessons gleaned from episodes of the climb and Herta's own professional experience are her conversations with some of the world's most notable leaders, including: Hon. Al Gore, former Vice President and Nobel Peace Prize winner Kay Unger, American fashion designer Sam Chisholm, Australia's leading media executive Botswana President and Lt. General Seretse Khama Ian Khama Christie Hefner, Executive Chairman, Canyon Ranch Enterprises; former Chairman and CEO, Playboy Enterprises Baroness Patricia Scotland, the United Kingdom's only female Attorney General A one-of-a-kind work that is at once inspiring and prescriptive, The Mountain Within offers a wealth of revelations for any business leader--extraordinary lessons that will help you brave any unexpected challenge, recharge when faced with setbacks, and maintain your focus even when the goal seems insurmountable.

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