Neural Plasticity and Disorders of the Nervous System provides comprehensive coverage of the pathophysiology of neurological disorders emphasizing those disorders where expression of plasticity is evident. Including the basis for the expression of neural plasticity; how reorganization of the nervous system can cause hyperactivity in sensory systems producing central neuropathic pain, tinnitus and paresthesia; the role of little-known non-classical pathways in pain and sensory disorders and their subcortical connections; hyper- and hypoactivity of motor systems after injury, and the role of spinal reflexes and internal processing in the spinal cord. Phantom symptoms and disorders of nerves and associated disorders are discussed, along with disorders that can be cured by microvascular decompression operations. A detailed and comprehensive description of the organization of pain circuits and sensory and motor nervous systems is also included. Neural Plasticity and Disorders of the Nervous System is aimed at students and graduates of neuroscience and medicine.

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