As a new manager, how will you win with the people at work - the people you will supervise and lead and who will ultimately make you successful? The New Manager's Primer provides practical guidance - all the way from Slovakia - and is your shortcut to success. Author Woodrow Sears is an internationally renowned consultant who has worked with countless American managers in hundreds of organizations and industries. This book began as his notes of stories he told to young Slovaks who were working in a center established by the U.S. Agency for International Development. They wanted to know about life in corporate America and expectations they would have to meet when they entered a market-driven company. The nine small lessons cover issues that are central to understanding the people-requirements of any enterprise. The book presents the concepts underlying major management theories into down-to-earth terms to meet the daily needs of today's supervisors and managers. The main theme - control is everything - comes through loud and clear. You'll learn when appropriate controls are in place, positive results are possible and organizations can survive - even excel - in an increasingly competitive international marketplace.

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