In this collection of essays, biographies and Nobel lectures, ten Nobel Laureates from five continents give various and startling perspectives on current questions about modernity and tradition, unity and diversity, integration, identity, integrity, gender and sexual roles in a multicultural world of change. It is also a book on self-confidence and presents different ways to self-knowledge and cultural individuality. Published in print for the first time, these studies and penetrating observations on topical issues, written by leading authors and intellectuals from many distant countries, make up one of the most intriguing and engaging avowals of our time.The Nobel Laureates are:Sir V S Naipaul (United Kingdom, born in Trinidad)Nadine Gordimer (South Africa)Derek Walcott (St Lucia)Naguib Mahfouz (Egypt)Patrick White (Australia)Ernest Hemingway (USA)Grazia Deledda (Sardinia, Italy)Amartya Sen (United Kingdom and the USA, born in India)Rabindranath Tagore (India)Nelson Mandela (South Africa)

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