Non-Perturbative Qft Methods And Their Applications, Procs Of The Johns Hopkins Workshop On Current Problems In Particle Theory 24


Contents:Conformal Boundary Conditions — and What They Teach Us (V B Petkova & J-B Zuber)A Physical Basis for the Entropy of the AdS3 Black Hole (S Fernando & F Mansouri)Spinon Formulation of the Kondo Problem (A Klümper & J R Reyes-Martinez)Boundary Integrable Quantum Field Theories (P Dorey)Finite Size Effects in Integrable Quantum Field Theories (F Ravanini)Nonperturbative Analysis of the Two-Frequency Sine-Gordon Model (Z Bajnok et al.)Screening in Hot SU(2) Gauge Theory and Propagators in 3D Adjoint Higgs Model (A Cucchieri et al.)Effective Average Action in Statistical Physics and Quantum Field Theory (Ch Wetterich)Phase Transitions in Non-Hermitean Matrix Models and the “Single Ring” Theorem (J Feinberg et al.)Unraveling the Mystery of Flavor (A Falk)The Nahm Transformation on R2 X T2 (C Ford)A 2D Integrable Axion Model and Target Space Duality (P Forgács)Supersymmetric Ward Identities and Chiral Symmetry Breaking in SUSY QED (M L Walker)and other papersReadership: Theoretical, mathematical and high energy physicists.

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