Prodigal Son Called away from his law firm, Jack Hanson is the only man who can save his family's business. He hires Samantha Edwards, they'd known each other it's no wonder there are intense sparks flying between them. Samantha may be just the woman to show Jack how to live again... The Boss and Miss Baxter Nina, I'm so sorry about your job at the office. Your dedication and charm have always made a good impression on me. So I'd be pleased if you'd consider working for me, personally, as my assistant. As a responsible single mum it would be really tough for you without work. However, there's plenty of room for you and your adorable children in my apartment... The Baby Deal Delia McCray's a smart, beautiful entrepreneur and Hanson Media Group is dying for her business. But she's pregnant with a Hanson baby - after just one night with Andrew! He has to marry her - it's the right thing to do for the family and the company. He must get her to the altar!

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