Nuclear Data Needs For Generation Iv Nuclear Energy Systems - Proceedings Of The International Workshop


This volume presents recent progress in the improvement of the nuclear database needed for the development of Generation IV nuclear energy systems.The Generation IV International Forum (GIF) identified six advanced concepts for sustainable nuclear energy production at competitive prices and with advanced safety, with special attention to nuclear non-proliferation and physical protection issues, minimization of long-lived radiotoxic waste, and optimum natural resource utilization System groups have been established for studying these concepts in detail, and nuclear data are an inherent part of these studies. This book reviews the work recently performed for the development of these systems.The contributions include an up-to-date overview of recent achievements in sensitivity analysis, model calculations, estimates of uncertainties, and the present status of nuclear databases with regard to their applications to Generation IV systems. In the workshop, special attention was given to the identification of nuclear data needs from sensitivity analysis of benchmark experiments and the treatment of uncertainties. The proceedings contain overviews of several experimental program and recent results of interest for the development of Generation IV systems.

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