D-iscouraged with the way you look?I-nterested in long-term results?E-xcited for the new and improved you?T-ime to get a move on!Tired of the roller-coaster ride called dieting? You are not alone! Now, with nationally celebrated weight-loss expert Cyndi Targosz as your guide, you can say goodbye to fly-by-night fad diets, create a real plan for losing-and keeping off-the weight, and have a great time doing it!Complete with tips and tricks for curbing your cravings, personalizing your plan of attack, and embracing your new delicious life, you'll be on the track to a better you in no time. With Cyndi's Secrets' for success, you will learn how to:Find out the real reason you're overweightAdapt the new Food Pyramid to your nutritional needsShop, cook, and dine (in or out) and stay on courseLet Cyndi and her one-of-a-kind program refresh, inspire, and energize you. With The Only Diet Book You'll Ever Need, your new life starts today. What are you waiting for?Cyndi Targosz is a bestselling author, celebrity image consultant, and certified lifestyle expert. As president of STARGLOW Productions Inc., she shows women everywhere how to find balance in life, fitness, fashion, beauty, weight, stress management, and more. Cyndi is the author several books and has appeared on Good Morning America, the Today Show, and NBC News. Recently named "One of the World's Top Fitness Pros" by Diet and Exercise magazine, Cyndi is a true expert in her field.

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