In 1942 twelve canoeists with limpet mines to paddle one hundred miles up the Gironde estuary, in the middle of winter, in an attempt to sink German blockade ships in Bordeaux harbour. It was fully anticipated that all twelve would die in the attempt. Only two would survive. By complete chance, the two canoeists who managed to escape - Major 'Blondie' Hasler and Marine Bill Sparks - stumbled into the arms of the French resistance. Once in their care, Hasler and Sparks made the risky and arduous journey across France and into Spain, crossing the Pyrenees in the company of a Gestapo agent intent on bringing down the entire resistance network.Operation Suicide is the first new narrative account of this enthralling raid for over fifty years. In utilizing primary source material, including detailed German records captured by the British in 1944 (which remained censored until 1976), Robert Lyman brings to life one of the most courageous and dramatic events to take place during the Second World War's darkest days.

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