Based on extensive research, this insightful book examines the manner in which Indian businesses have responded to change in general and, in particular, to the rapidly changing economic environment. The author demonstrates that there is a clear link between well thought-out strategic business behaviour and good performance. Those firms that behaved more proactively when faced with change have generally fared well by developing new products, adopting cutting-edge technologies, and adapting quickly to the changing market realities. Those that resorted to opportunistic methods, the author argues, may have enjoyed limited success in the short-term but have eventually stagnated.Supported by two detailed case studies, the key features of this important book are that it: - Examines Indias growth trajectory, its huge market and its immense economic potential - Studies behavioural patterns of Indian firms and the Indian business ethos - Eschews a leader-centric approach and focuses instead on a strategy approach to understand Indian business - Explores why some companies fail while others show the ability to meet the challenges posed by radical changes in policy - Identifies key strategies that are used by successful Indian businesses - Establishes the relevance of the main elements of business strategy.

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