A new style of leader is emerging from theworlds most successful organizations. Thesedynamic men and women are driven by possibilitiesand absolutely committed to mutualvalues. Excited, creative, and alert, they arethe new change makers.Imagine: an army of these outstanding leadersrunning your organization.The Organizational Champion is a pricelesstool for enacting positive change through theuse of an innovative new leadership model.Mike Thompson created the OrganizationalChampion philosophy to help such clients asWal-Mart, P&G, Dillards, Tyson, VF Corporation,and J.B. Hunt enact positive changein their respective industries. Thompson nowputs his proven leadership method to paperfor the first time.The Organizational Champion will help youdevelop the personal foundations of solid, innovativeleadershipfrom cognizance andself-awareness to trustworthiness and theability to inspire. Grounding your leadershipin these firm principles will fully prepareyou to face the unprecedented challenges oftodays business landscape. As an organizationalchampion, you will:Build global brand trustEstablish an industry edgeExecute transformational changeInspire high-performance teamsDrive organizational growth and valueThe result of hundreds of interviews withCEOs and executives, thousands of surveys,and untold hours of painstaking research,Thompsons leadership method will steeryour organization well into the twenty-firstcentury, where profits and growth await.

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