Marsha D. Jenkins-Sanders' spellbinding story of love and redemption delves behind the scenes of a passionate marriage tested by the temptations of sudden fame. Katlyn has never forgotten what her husband said to her on the night they first met: ""If given a chance, you'll fall in love with me."" Katlyn was determined to settle for nothing but a perfect fairy tale of true love, and Justin Kincaid--an ambitious, aspiring recording artist--set out to give it to her. True to Justin's word, Katlyn fell in love. But now, two years into their marriage, cracks are beginning to show. With a number one song in the charts and beautiful, willing women all around, Justin is being thrown back to his single life. He knows he owes Katlyn big time--his name wouldn't be a household word if it weren't for his support--but gratitude isn't enough to keep him from straying. Now, it's becoming clear that the only thing keeping them together is a commitment Justin can no longer honor. And as Katlyn is forced to let go of her fairy tale for the reality of being in love with a man she's supposed to share with the world, she embarks on a life-altering emotional and spiritual journey in this intricate and thoroughly engaging novel.

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