A collection of six erotic stories with a central theme of tricks for kicks - paid sex and prostitution.Paid to Pleasure by Abigail ThorntonLanding a dream job is the start of Gemmas financial worries. Facing-up to the realities of her debt, she realises that she needs a monetary boost. When best friend, Sarah, reveals exactly how she manages to support her own lavish lifestyle, she sees a solution to her problems. Gemma transforms herself into Ginny a special waitress at a very private party and meets a couple prepared to offer her financial salvation if Ginny will act out a sordid fantasy.Cooking Up a Storm by Jade TaylorNico Valenti is the greatest chef of his generation, hailed by critics and customers alike. He is also magnetically attractive with a well-earned reputation as a ladies man. Jo fancies him madly, but, more importantly, shes desperate to get a job with him. When she tells her friends she would do anything to get it she doesnt realize how prophetic those words will be until he asks Jo to cook for him, late at night and alone in his restaurant, and she learns exactly how far doing anything will take her.Mr Cheap by Josie JordanTess and her friend Lynsey are sharing a room at the Grand. When Lynsey scores in the hotel bar, she wants to turf Tess out of the room. She offers to buy Tess drinks all night if she shares with his roommate. Tess has secretly had her eye on Damon, and if she can get over her embarrassment, her friend might not be the only one having fun tonight. One hunky kite-surfer, one king-size bed and one hairbrush. What more could a girl want?Vicki Turns a Trick by Jay LawrenceOffice worker by day exotic dancer by night! A magazine article inspires Lisette to radically alter her image and give nude pole-dancing a try. Newly platinum blonde and renamed Vicki, she steals the show at a raunchy clubs amateur evening with a wild performance that leaves the audience yelling for more. Her fans include a mysterious stranger who asks to buy her sexual favours for one night. For one thousand dollars, Vicki falls into the sensual adventure of her lifeSaturday Job by Maria LloydWhen mature art student Amy finds it difficult to pay for her course extras including a dream trip to Barcelona she confides her troubles to tutor, Greg. She admires his talent in more ways than one, even though strictly speaking he should not be her type. She soon discovers he has an unusual but very attractive solution to help her financesone that caters for his sensual tastes too. And she is only too happy to obligeThe Price of Honesty by Jessie Jo JonesAndrew has spent too many nights at home alone, wondering where his lovely wife is, and what shes doing or, indeed who shes doing. So he plucks up the courage and follows her, in the best traditions of a private investigator. What he sees will change his life forever, but will they still be together at the end of the torrid night?

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