Mr Peters is a child murdering sicko, the dirt from the grave of his latest victim is still wet under his fingernails and already he's thinking about his next victim. He's not the only one out there who causes pain and misery. It happens every day; actions like his can change the future for all of us. However, some people are just not meant to die young.The time has come for all of this to stop, other people are getting involved and they have a little gift for the likes of Mr Peters. It's going to take someone very special to deliver this particular gift. George has just the people in mind, people who don't mind seeing a bit of blood flowing.Ken and Mike find themselves drawn into a situation where they are going to need every ounce of their Special Forces experience.The last time they worked with George, it was pretty tough. This time it's not only the two men who are going to face a terrible test. Some of those nearest and dearest to them are going to have to make a few sacrifices of their own - it's time for them to lay everything on the line. There are going to be times during this journey of violence and discovery, of love and sacrifice, when it seems as though they are never going to stop giving.

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