Kenneth Robinson thinks the worst is behind them, that all the blood and tears are nothing but memories, that all he has to do is live in peace with the others on the farm? He's wrong. And, if he thinks he's seen the Demon at its worst, he'll be wrong again.This time the journey is going to test him to the limits, all of those experiences from his past are going to be needed now. Ken's days of killing people are coming back to stare him in the face.The Demon is on his knees, if Ken can get the others to a place where the Dark One is planning a final showdown, get them there and tear it apart, then the nightmare will be over. He just has to prepare them for the battle, a simple task and one in which he relishes. But, as is always the case when dealing with these strange parallels, things are never quite as they seem, sometimes they are the exact opposite. He's about to learn that some people will give everything in the pursuance of their own goals. From the tranquillity of the farm to the insanity of jumping across time, from the love of his friends to the fearful hatred of his enemies, Ken's journey will take him to the edge of reason. The only thing he needs to do is keep smiling - smiling, and shooting.

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