Sample Chapter(s)Foreword (508 KB)Chapter 1: Two Topics Concerning Two-Dimensional Automata Operating in Parallel (1,618 KB)Contents: Three-Dimensional Object Pattern Representation by Array Grammars (P S P Wang)Stochastic Puzzle Grammars (R Siromoney et al.)Parallel Recognition of High Dimensional Images (M Nivat & A Saoudi)Two-Dimensional Uniquely Parsable Isometric Array Grammars (Y Yamamoto & K Morita)Replicated Image Algorithms and Their Analyses on SIMD Machines (P J Narayanan & L S Davis)The Depth and Motion Analysis Machine (O D Faugeras et al.)Image Analysis on Massively Parallel Computers: An Architecture Point of View (A Mérigot & B Zavidovique)Parallel Algorithm for Colour Texture Generation Using the Random Neural Network Model (V Atalay & E Gelenbe)and other papersReadership: Computer scientists.

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