To love her and to cherish her...passionately! Hot Pursuit Anne Mather Sara was beautiful, secretive - and haunted. Matt Seton was both intrigued and annoyed by his unexpected houseguest. He could tell she was running from something. As the atmosphere became erotically charged between them, Matt realised that, though he mustn't touch Sara, he couldn't let her go... The Bedroom Barter Sara Craven Penniless and passportless, Chellie Greer's stuck working in a seedy club with no means of escape - until Ash Brennan walks in. What's such a powerful, irresistible man doing in a place like this? Ash offers her a way out, but Chellie has to wonder exactly why he is rescuing her. Is the price of freedom her body? A Passionate Protector Maggie Cox Charming, wealthy and smoulderingly attractive, Kyle Hytner could have an international playboy lifestyle - and any woman he wanted. So why had he fixed all his attention on Megan Brand? Megan was rebuilding her life, step by step. But the frighteningly intense passion she shared with Kyle was more like a giant leap!

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