In Performance Analysis: Knowing What to Do and When, Dr. Dale Brethower takes a fresh look at finding out what will work to change and improve performance. The book presents a systems thinking approach to improving performance and contains tools for creating interventions that will be implemented, will have a favorable impact and can be maintained and continually improved. You'll learn how to clarify which direction to go, determine what intervention will work and with whom and identify the right mix of interventions. You'll examine how to analyze critical business, process and job issues. Most important, you'll learn how to win the hearts and minds of performers and find interventions they will accept with gusto. The book comes with a glossary and a variety of useful job aids and tools for determining what to do and why to successfully improve performance. Helpful tips are included throughout the book making analysis of organizational performance even easier. This is the second of six books in the new Defining and Delivering Successful Professional Practice Series designed to define and deliver measurable performance improvement.

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