This collection of original articles and surveys treats linear and nonlinear aspects of the theory of partial differential equations. Phase space analysis methods, also known as microlocal analysis, have yielded striking results over the past years and have become one of the main tools of investigation. Equally important is their role in many applications to physics, for example, in quantum and spectral theory. Contributors: H. Bahouri, M. Baouendi, E. Bernardi, M. Bony, A. Bove, N. Burq, J.-Y. Chemin, F. Colombini, T. Colin, P. Cordaro, G. Eskin, X. Fu, N. Hanges, G. Métivier, P. Michor, T. Nishitani, A. Parmeggiani,L. Pernazza, V. Petkov, F. Planchon, M. Prizzi, D. Del Santo, D. Tartakof, D. Tataru, F. Treves, C.-J. Xu, X. Zhang, E. Zuazua

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