Details key knowledge and the most recent advances in physical inorganic chemistryInorganic chemistry has been changing dramatically over the years, fueled by the growing understanding of the importance and roles of metals in biology, medicine, and catalysis, and by the new and important thrusts into modern materials. Written by contributors at the forefront of the field and edited by Andreja Bakac, Physical Inorganic Chemistry provides insight into the role, capabilities, and applications of physical inorganic chemistry in some of the most vibrant areas of modern science.The book addresses a wide range of topics at a fundamental level, with a unique emphasis on mechanisms. Its twelve chapters cover: Recent advances in activation of traditionally unreactive molecules such as molecular hydrogen, molecular oxygen, and hydrocarbonsDevelopments bearing on the future of solar energy, hydrogen energy, biorenewables, catalysis, and human healthOffering comprehensive information and a much-needed perspective, Physical Inorganic Chemistry is an invaluable resource for researchers, professors, and students alike.

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