When a major corporate crash happens, investors need to learn the lessons. Adam Schwab emerges as a modern–day Trevor Sykes in his lively expose on how the likes of Eddy Groves, David Coe and Phil Green blew more than $10 billion across their empires. Not to be missed. – Stephen Mayne, founder, Crikey The past decade has seen a period of unparalleled growth in executive remuneration. But while CEO pay exploded, shareholders looked on helplessly as some of Australia?s best–known companies self–destructed. When the fall eventually came, executives were well protected. Shareholders and creditors were not so lucky. From Telstra?s enriching of Sol Trujillo to the toppling of Eddy Groves?s ABC Learning Centres and the untold accounts of the billions lost by the collapsed Babcock & Brown, Allco Finance Group and MFS, Pigs at the Trough tells the story of how a generation of executives, under the supervision of well–known and respected non–executive...

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