Increasing political violence in India is challenging the governments ability to resolve conflicts democratically. In this topical book, K S Subramanian:- identifies patterns and trends in political violence in India;- examines how the governments political machinery has responded; - explains why State response has been inadequate; and - recommends changes in structures and attitudes.The author sketches the growing crisis of governance by assessing the Central and state governments police organisations, especially key central agencies such as the Intelligence Bureau, the Central Paramilitary Forces and the Union Ministry of Home Affairs. In case studies of regions and communities affected by political violence, he takes the reader behind the sceneswhether it is on police partisanship in the communal pogrom in Gujarat, the official approach to the Naxalite problem, the violence against dalits and adivasis, or the violation of human rights in northeast India.With police reform being a major public concern, police research is gaining importance as a field of study. This book will appeal to students of criminal justice, political science, sociology, public policy and public administration, as well as policy makers, police and administrative officers, and human rights activists.

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