An inspirational fable that guides you to use positivity to reach your goalsIn a pet store, there lives a negative dog. He's constantly growling and barkingno wonder no one wants to take him home! One day, the "big dog" of the store takes him aside and explains that he has two choices: continue to be the negative dog that nobody wants, or become the positive dog that will lead to a better outcome. Whichever one he "feeds" will grow. In this delightfully illustrated business fable, the big dog teaches the negative dog how to feed positivity each day. As the negative dog puts these lessons into practice, he learns how to change his attitude in order to be his best.The lesson? When you become positive, you not only change yourself, but you also turn a toxic environment into a happy place that improves the lives of those around you.This inspirational fable teaches readers how to develop a positive attitude in order to reach goalsJon Gordon's international bestseller, The Energy Bus, has sold more than 200,000 copies since 2006Reach your potential by summoning your inner positive dog. With a positive, energized attitude, you'll realize your goals and lead others to achieve theirs.

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