The reduction of poverty in Africa is currently a key priority for the international community. The UN's Millennium Development Goals, the Africa Commission and the highly successful Make Poverty History Campaign have placed Africa at the top of the development agenda. Poverty, AIDS and Hunger, written by a team of experts in the field, examines the relationship between economic instability, AIDS and food insecurity in Africa, uncovering how the interactions between these factors lead to entrenched poverty in third world nations. Focusing on Malawi, where 15% of the population are thought to be infected with the HIV virus, this timely and compelling study demonstrates how, in order to achieve results, aid and development cannot be focused solely on one single factor, and makes recommendations on escaping the poverty trap for both national governments and the international community. Including contributions from Bono, Stephen Lewis, UN Special Envoy for HIV/AIDS in Africa and Tom Arnold, Chief Executive of Concern Worldwide, this book unravels the complex challenges that poor countries face, highlights the necessity for the international community to provide additional resources and calls for the simplification of procedures to assist the developing world.

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