The use of power ultrasound to promote industrial electrochemical processes, or sonoelectrochemistry, was first discovered over 70 years ago, but recently there has been a revived interest in this field. Sonoelectrochemistry is a technology that is safe, cost-effective, environmentally friendly and energy efficient compared to other conventional methods.?The book contains chapters on the following topics, contributed from leading researchers in academia and industry:?Use of electrochemistry as a tool to investigate Cavitation Bubble DynamicsSonoelectroanalysisSonoelectrochemistry in environmental applicationsOrganic SonoelectrosynthesisSonoelectrodepositionInfluence of ultrasound on corrosion kinetics and its application to corrosion testsSonoelectropolymerisationSonoelectrochemical production of nanomaterialsSonochemistry and Sonoelectrochemistry in hydrogen and fuel cell technologies?

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