Ajax (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) is the ultimate web programming methodology for producing dynamic, rich web experiences-it is one of the hottest technology topics around today, and it can be used in conjunction with all of the major server-side development tools, including Java, PHP, ASP.NET etc.
This book will save Java developers countless hours of development time by providing them with 7 complete Ajax applications to learn from and adapt for use in their own projects, including an online calendaring/scheduling system, a Flickr(TM)-style photo gallery application, and even an Ajax role-playing game.
It also details the set up of a perfect Java/Ajax development environment in which to construct the applications; Java technologies covered include Apache, Ant, Ajax Tags, Struts, Prototype, DWR, Dojo, and more.
This is the first book of its kind, aimed at Java/Ajax developers.

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