Secret Baby, Convenient Wife She was the ordinary nurse who tended his wounds when he was injured. He was the sexy billionaire who seduced her into his bed. She refused to be his mistress, so Gianfranco made her his wife... He had only one condition when they wed: that there would be no children... Innocent Wife, Baby of Shame As far as Patrizio Trelini is concerned, everything points to Keira's infidelity. Her ruthless Italian husband isn't a man to be made a fool of...! Patrizio throws his temptress wife out into the cold! But two months on Patrizio needs his bride back in his life... She's just discovered she's pregnant! Will Patrizio accept that Keira's having his baby...? The Surgeon's Secret Baby Wish Paediatric surgeon Naomi Horton longs to have a baby. But she's planning to get pregnant without the risk of a broken heart... Only her gorgeous new boss Rick Weber makes Naomi realise she doesn't want single parenthood - she wants Rick... But, while their desire is undeniable, a family is definitely not on Rick's agenda. Ooops!

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