This new, multidisciplinary series will present works devoted to the indigenous peoples of North America -- the First Nations, Native Hawaiians, Native Americans, and the Indians of Mexico. Topics will range from the social sciences to education, law, criminology, health, the environment, religion, architecture, linguistics, and agriculture, including innovative interdisciplinary approaches. Books featuring Native voices and issues of particular current significance to Native peoples will be featured.During the presidential election campaign, the chief executive takes on the dual role of president and candidate. But how do presidents prepare for the forthcoming election, manage a nationwide campaign, and fulfill presidential duties? Presidents as Candidates offers a truly unique treatment of the White House role in the re-election efforts of contemporary presidents since 1956, as it examines eight re-election efforts (from Eisenhower through Clinton). The author considers the differences and similarities of each White House-led effort, analyzing the political, institutional, and policy factors that affect the strategies and decisions. From this, she develops a typology of three standard types of campaigns: "victorious", "defeated", and "takeover", offering observations and insights that are invaluable for understanding presidential re-election efforts.

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