Jenna Reynolds used to be Hollywood's brightest child star - now she's trapped at home with her hated ex-showgirl step mum and a TV crew filming their every move. But step mum Candy has waited a long time for her shot at celebrity and won't let anyone stand in her way - even if that means playing dirty. Jenna vows that the show will resurrect her career; Candy swears it will be the beginning of hers. When sexy director Alex enters the ring, there can be only one winner . . . and the winner will take it all. Praise for Victoria Fox 'This debut novel is full of sex, glamour and divas!' 4 stars Star 'Sure to be a huge hit and perfect for the beach' Sun 'Scandalous. Glamorous. Sexy. Victoria Fox's sassy, sparkling debut puts the bonk back into bonkbuster! Written with humour, style and panache' 'This summer's hottest novel. Hollywood Sinners . . . is giving Jackie Collins a run for her money' That's Life! 'Hollywood Sinners is awesome. Like Louise Bagshawe but cooler, Fiona Walker with more balls, and Jackie Collins only funnier. Victoria Fox has jumped into the world of the bonkbuster with enthusiasm and dazzling aplomb. I can't wait to read the next one. Loved it' 10/10 'I was blown away . . . I truly didn't want it to end . . . Hollywood Sinners is a book to pack in your suitcase this summer and I can't wait for Victoria's next offering' 5/5

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