* Develop an entrepreneurial Strategy* Build Your Catalog of Services* Create a Strategic Business and Marketing Plan* Negotiate the Best Total pay package* Land the ideal jobAs a job seeker, you are an "interim entrepreneur." You are creating a start-up company that targets the Business-to-Business (B2B) market. You have the needed services to offer, markets to supply, a marketing and brand advertising campaign to reach them, a pricing structure (compensation package) that is competitive, and a sales program to land the customer. The one difference is that a start-up business is looking for many customers. You are looking for just one-the right employer.Of course, just as you must start a business with a plan, you should start your job hunt with one too. The Princeton Management Consultants Guide to Your New Job shows you how to build your successful career using the same powerful, tried-and-true business planning methods that entrepreneurs use to build successful start-ups. You'll market and sell your skills and services to targeted employers, and find the job niche that's right for you.The innovative methods in this book will help you:* Describe your vision and mission* Describe and define the services you have to offer* Define your target markets* Know what salary, benefits, and stock-ownership opportunities are competitive in your job market* Develop a marketing, branding, and advertising strategy* Package yourself as a product* Launch your sales campaign* Beat the competition and land the jobInstead of following job hunting rules, you will learn to use your ingenuity, intelligence, individuality, and experience to stand out from the crowd-the same way new businesses differentiate themselves from their competition. Rather than scatter your resume among anonymous prospects, you'll achieve success by systematically targeting employers as individuals with specific needs you can fill. Packed with expert advice on relationship marketing, resumes, cover letters, networking, executive recruiters, interviewing, and more, the Princeton Management Consultants Guide to Your New Job is the resource you need to succeed in the business of you.

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