This title acts as a primer, giving students and newcomers to the field an opportunity to learn about the breadth of the CNS drug discovery. The book outlines the core processes in drug discovery and development for CNS disorders, from evaluating drugs for desirable efficacy, safety and pharmacokinetic features in preclinical (using in vitro and in vivo models) and clinical experimentation to identifying future drug targets. Containing up-to-date experimental evidence and detailing the main impediments in the pipeline of CNS drug discovery and development, this is a key reference for those involved in all stages of CNS drug discovery.Key Features:Discusses in detail the key stages of CNS drug discovery, outlining the particular requirements and obstacles for CNS drugsAddresses safety concerns and future drug targetsProvides succinct background information about the major CNS diseasesExamples of specific drugs are used throughout to describe the development of a new drug from conception to clinical use and post-market surveillancePrimary reasons for drug failure are given for each stage

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