The most important person in the sales process is you. Customer-focus is a critical function of the sales process, but not as critical as the focus on your own professional attitude. Professionals in all occupations are focussed on self: self-esteem, self-analysis, and self-preservation. PROFESSIONAL SELLING deliberately challenges you to question everything you have ever known or held dear about selling and professionalism. It argues that selling is a physical skill, which requires salespeople, sales managers, and sales trainers alike to apply the simple processes of repetition and hard work, in order to have a successful outcome. If you are looking for the answer to sales success in some miracle technique or phrase in this book, then you may be disappointed. The answer to sales success lies within. And so this book should be viewed as part of the process of self-discovery. It is only through self-awareness of who we are, what we want to be, and what the barriers are to our potential success that we can begin to tackle those barriers in order to achieve the potential that lies within us all. PROFESSIONAL SELLING is the main text for a new ICM course on sales and sales management.

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