It is now increasingly recognized that psychodrama provides a valid and useful tool in many different contexts; equally, practitioners in a wide variety of fields are acknowledging the benefits that a systems thinking approach can bring to their work. This book unites the two by describing the author's work over a number of years. Dr. Farmer provides a lucid exposition of his own systemic approach to psychodrama, both theoretically and in practical clinical terms. The final section, which discusses systemic approaches to psychiatric care in general, puts the book in a wider context, and will make it of interest to a wide range of mental health professionals.'Dr. Chris Farmer is here presenting a very thorough overview of the many ways he has been able to use psychodrama in a number of settings(he) has made splendid use of sociometry as well as role theory and presents the kind of systems thinking and operations that form the ground of his own work. Although literature on psychodrama is proliferating in many languages, the use of social systems is still fairly rare, and therefore this book is a contribution to what is still, in many ways, a pioneering effort.'- Zerka T. Moreno, from the Foreword.

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