Parenting can be worrisome and challenging. If your child struggles with ADD it can be incredibly frustrating and absolutely bewildering. Understanding what is going on inside your child's head is the first step. Helping them understand themselves starts their momentum. You and your child working together in a positive relationship will carry them through to a positive outcome, whatever that is meant to be. Pudd'nhead Parenting addresses the much neglected but critical topic of how to form the right relationship with your child. You can watch them struggle with ADD despite your best efforts, or you can become a positive and supportive influence. Pudd'nhead Parenting teaches you how to employ your best parenting instincts to lift your child out of the quagmire of ADD and help them find direction, learn life skills and go on to become who they really are. Years from now your child will thank you for taking the steps outlined in this book.

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