The only book that examines the economic events relevant to economic indicatorsEconomic indicators are often the primary drivers of value in various financial securities, from equities and fixed income to foreign exchange, commodities, and various derivative instruments. Most indicators are released on a fixed schedule, known well in advance. However, aggregating the schedules of all the announcements is a lot of work.That's where The Quant Investor's Almanac 2011comes in handy. This reliable guide identifies the release dates of data used by leading indicators, which are widely used by traders, and then puts this information in perspective all while organizing this valuable information into an easy to use calendar format.Highlights the latest research related to each economic indicatorIncludes an online application where you can find daily updates to economic events and expanded referencesProvides a ready reference for properly anticipating changes in securities given various economic announcementsThe right information can make all the difference in your trading or investing endeavors. This book will show you exactly what you need to know in order to enhance your financial performance.

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