The alignment tools you need to win in todays complex, fast-paced business worldIn The Power of Alignment, Labovitz and Rosansky showed us that organizational alignment was essential for success. They helped us focus on mission accomplishment while driving out cost. In Rapid Realignment they show us again how great leaders are working alignment every day!ADMIRAL VERN CLARK, former Chief of U.S. Naval OperationsWhat are the enablers of business success? A clear plan, effective execution, and a willingness to adapt quickly are important, but the big enabler is talented, engaged, aligned people. Rapid Realignment makes the case in a compelling way and provides a toolkit for creating organizational alignment.KEN FREEMAN, Dean, School of Management, Boston University, and former CEO of Quest DiagnosticsWhen it comes to integrating care across two organizations, alignment is critical to success.DR. JAMES MANDELL, CEO, Childrens Hospital BostonBuilding on a set of core principles, Rapid Realignment provides a flexible and relevant toolset to help organizations quickly and effectively assess and make adjustments to direction.FRANK H. SCHNEIDER, III, Executive Vice President, CFO and CIO, Jockey International, Inc.Rapid Realignment gives managers the tools they need to navigate todays ever changing business climate.JOHN PATRICK, CEO, Farmington BankFrom the authors of the bestselling book The Power of AlignmentWhen Vern Clark became the Chief of Naval Operations in 2001, he made alignment one of his top five goals for the Navy. He also made George Labovitz and Victor Rosanskys pioneering book, The Power of Alignment (1997), required reading for every admiral. Under Clarks leadership, the U.S. Navy underwent one of the greatestand most successfulorganizational transformations in its 200-year history.Now, Labovitz and Rosansky introduce the highly anticipated follow-up to their groundbreaking book: Rapid Realignment.The business world has changed dramatically since 1997. With the pace of technological, competitive, and social change increasing at an amazing rate, the difference between winning and losing today lies in a companys ability to adapt and stay focused. Rapid Realignment gives you the insights and tools you need to ensure that strategy, customers, processes, and people work seamlessly together in the service of customers and that they continually realign in the face of change. The authors provide everything you need to know about:Engaging employees at every level with the Main Thing of your businessLinking strategy and organizational processesBringing the customer voice inside your company through social mediaUsing social media and digital technology to quickly identify points of misalignment at any levelCreating the Enterprise EffectCase studies from a broad array of companies, including FedEx, Quest Diagnostics, the U.S. Navy, Dana Farber/Childrens Hospital Cancer Center, Farmington Bank, and others clearly illustrate the authors methods, demonstrating that they work in any industry.Rapid Realignment provides a practical blueprint for wowing customers and reaching peak organizational performanceno matter what todays turbulent world throws your way.

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