The real estate agent's essential guide to tax deductionsUnderstanding tax deductions can be the difference between having a successful year--or not--for real estate agents and brokers. By taking advantage of the many tax deductions available to them, real estate professionals can end each year with more money in their pockets and less owed to the IRS. Too often, these valuable deductions are overlooked, even though it's easy to take advantage of them once you understand the rules. This book explains all you need to know in plain English with lots of examples and practical information.Learn about the most important deductions and how to plan and track your expenses all year so you avoid problems with the IRS. The information is organized into categories that explain the rules for each type of deduction, including: start-up expenses operating expenses home and outside office health care vehicles and travel entertainment and meals and many more It also explains essentials like depreciation deductions, deducting losses, and keeping proper records. Stephen Fishman is the author of many Nolo tax deduction books, including Tax Deductions for Professionals (winner of the Publishers Marketing Association's Benjamin Franklin Award).

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