Nina Planck, one of the "great food activists," changed the way we view food with the groundbreaking Real Food. Never one to blindly accept common wisdom, when Nina became pregnant, she decided to look at the nutritional advice recommended for pregnancy. What she found was surprising: advice is occasionally inaccurate and often impossible. When her baby was born, she turned her attention to the baby's nutritional needs and found the same. In Real Food for Mother and Baby Nina explains why commonly held ideas about pregnancy and infant nutrition are wrongheaded and how real food is good for growing minds and bodies. While Nina may be controversial (her op-ed in the New York Times about vegan diet for infants was one of their most emailed articles), she's no contrarian. She dispenses advice like a trusted friend. The general rules aren't surprising but some of the details might be. She explains why cereals aren't right for babies but barely cooked egg yolks are excellent. During pregnancy, and until your baby's at least two years old, the body's overwhelming requirements are fat and protein, not vegetables and low fat dairy. Filled with reassuring advice for parents who want to grow their children on a diet of whole and natural foods, Real Food for Mother and Baby is a must-have.

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