"My lifes passion is to connect people all over the world with their success potential. Patchs book confirms just how smart exercise isfor your success and for keeping every part of your life in top condition. A must-read for everyone!"Jack Canfield, Co-creator, of The Success Principles How to Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be"Patch's passion for helping people live strong is palpable. His approach is inspired and I, for one, admire his deep commitment to living a healthier life."Harley Pasternak, Author of the Five- Factor Diet and personal trainer to Hollywoods hottest starsBeing fit is more than skin deep! In THE REAL SEXY, SMART AND STRONG you will quickly learn how to experience high levels of vital energy, become smarter and stronger, and make the very best of your body. You want to get started with something new and make positive changes in your life

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