While there are the major situations that have been getting mass media attention such as Maddoff’s vast Ponzi scheme, the gutting of America’s retirement funds, massive job layoffs, extensive home foreclosures and the whole Wall Street financial meltdown, it is the minor ways in which trust is broken each and every day that can be more insidious, because they are unintentional, accumulative, and often go unaddressed. In fact, the current ecomonic collapse, when looked at more closesly, is a result of many accumulative minor betrayals. When added up there was a major melt down impacting our entire country and the world. This is a powerful example of the impact of accumulative betrayal and confirms the authors' over 17 years of research and practice: Minor unintentional forms of betrayal are the most pervasive in eroding working relationships, and ultimately, society. Betrayal is a natural element of relationships and human nature. It is going to occur. We are going to...

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