`Frangenheim aims to lead teachers and learners out of their ''comfort zone'' towards the goal of independent learning. His classrooms must be exciting places for both groups' - Debate. This book is designed specifically to create a more successful classroom climate in which all students are empowered to be better thinkers. The four main parts of this book deal with - Beliefs about the thinking classroom - Strategies for Analysis and Evaluation - Strategies for Creative Thinking - Strategies for Co-operative Thinking. There is also a bonus section in which the author has supplied a large range of posters for the classroom dealing with the subjects above. Everything in this book was forged and tested in the classroom. It is a book about teaching, by teachers, for teachers. It is designed to encourage passion for teaching with an eye on that important ingredient FUN. Teachers are invited to reflect on how the ideas in this book can complement what they do in the classroom, curriculum meetings and staff meetings. Enjoy it!

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