Religious and Spirituality Issues in Counselling is a comprehensive resource, preparing professionals to understand clients' spiritual dimensions, and to incorporate spirituality in developing intervention strategies as they apply to specific populations. There has long been an underlying sense of inadequacy felt among counsellors and mental health professionals in dealing with the many varied issues surrounding spirituality and/or religion that clients may bring to counselling. Hesitation on the part of the therapist to deal with these issues in counselling may be due in part to fears of imposing one's own beliefs on the client or fear of violating ethical principles. This book is a comprehensive resource for counsellors, psychologists, and other mental health professionals to help them understand and incorporate the spiritual dimension as an integral component of a client's person, and to use this understanding in developing successful intervention strategies with clients. The treatment of spirituality is comprehensive but practical. The writing style, along with other unique features such as case-studies and chapter exercises will help students to apply the material to real life situations. Coverage of human development is integrated throughout the book, and addresses the changing role that spirituality plays to the client throughout the lifespan.

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