WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO BE A "RESILIENT" ORGANIZATION?It means you are not a prisoner of past performance, good or bad; you don't rely on the right leader alone for success but build the capability to be resilient into the organization. You constantly rehearse the culture of anticipating and responding to change, and you innovate even when you don't yet need to. You don't just survive, you thrive--amidst challenge and opportunity.This essential guide, written by a renowned expert in global resilience strategy, shows you how to be smart about success and failure. With these field-testedforward-focused tools, you can:SURVIVE SHOCKS AND SETBACKSTURN THREATS INTO OPPORTUNITIESANTICIPATE CHANGE BEFORE IT HAPPENSENSURE YOUR SUCCESS IS SUSTAINABLEAs a bonus, the book features Postcards from the Resilient Edge, a powerhouse selection of frontline lessons from leading corporations that demonstrate ways you can marshal skill and master luck to take control of your organization's destiny.THE DEFINITIVE GUIDE TO THE NEW RESILIENCE MOVEMENTOne of the most powerful trends born of the New Recession, resilience has become the operative word for business leaders and entrepreneurs facing an unpredictablemarket. On the forefront of this movement, global innovator and strategy consultant professor Liisa V

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