Resourcing New Testament Studies includes fifteen essays, contributed by twenty, internationally known scholars, including representatives from North America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia. These colleagues joined together to honor David Laird Dungan, Emeritus Professor of New Testament and Early Christianity, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, whose impressive teaching, research, and publishing career has now spanned over four decades.Opening Part I. In Honor of David L. Dungan, is a lively and revealing Cooperative Essay on a Collaborative Scholar, composed by five of Dungans colleagues; three, from the University of Tennessee; a fourth, from the editorial team with Dungan for The International Bible Commentary; and the fifth, Dungans friend from childhood and co-author of their popular Sourcebook for the Study of the Gospels. Part I concludes with a full bibliography of Dungans published work. Subsequent Parts of the volume focus on three themes, each reflecting some aspect of Dungans own work, Part II. The Synoptic Problem; Part III. Jesus, the Gospels and Acts and Part IV. Canon, Theology and Ethics.Contributors to this Festschrift include David R. Cartlidge, Robert A. Derrenbacker, Jr., William R. Farmer, David Noel Freedman with Henry Innes MacAdam, Albert Fuchs, Birger Gerhardsson, Jan Lambrecht, Adrian Leske, David E. Linge, Sean McEvenue, Ralph V. Norman, Samuel Oyin Obogunrin, Charles H. Reynolds, Hans-Hartmut Schroeder, Joseph B. Tyson, William O. Walker, Jr., and the three co-editors, Allan J. McNicol, David B. Peabody and J. Samuel Subramanian.

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