Do you admire the Royal Family? Are you interested in finding out more about their ancestry? Or perhaps, you are already an expert and want to test your knowledge about the United Kingdom's most famous family? If so, this exciting new quiz book is all that you need? Which one of Queen Victoria's daughters was the mother of the ill-fated Empress Alexandra of Russia? Which couple were the last members of the Royal Family to visit the Duchess of Windsor in 1978? How is Lady Sarah Chatto related to Queen Elizabeth II? The Royal Family Quiz Book contains the answers to all these questions and more. With sections on Queen Victoria, her children and grandchildren right through to the present day, you are certain to learn something new about the Royal Family. Containing 200 questions and packed with fascinating facts, this book is certain to appeal to royal supporters of all ages and is a fun way to teach children about their royal heritage. This is a must-have book for anyone who wants to know more about the history of the British monarchy.

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