Surveying the history of Russia from the romantic liaisons of Peter the Great to the birth of the Russian 'queen', this collection of essays presents recent research from the new field of Russian masculinity studies. Peasant patriarchs, aristocratic dandies, anxious young bureaucrats, workers in search of father-figures, heroic warriors, promiscuous bathhouse attendants and vodka-soaked athletic stars populate this volume. Its essays take as a starting point the notion that masculinity, like femininity, has a history. The authors extend the agenda of masculinity studies by moving beyond a mere chronicling of prescriptions for proper manhood. Instead they emphasize the ways in which expectations of manliness intersected with broader historical developments, such as the process of urbanization, the formation of national identities, the growth of bureaucracy, and changing definitions of emotional and physical intimacy. This book is essential reading for students and scholars of gender theory and Russian history alike.

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