Well-structured and adopting a pedagogical approach, this self-contained monograph covers the fundamentals of scanning probe microscopy,showing how to use the techniques for investigating physical and chemical properties on the nanoscale and how they can be used for a widerange of soft materials. It concludes with a section on the latest techniques in nanomanipulation and patterning.This first book to focus on the applications is a must-have for both newcomers and established researchers using scanning probe microscopyin soft matter research. From the contents:* Atomic Force Microscopy and Other Advanced Imaging Modes* Probing of Mechanical, Thermal Chemical and Electrical Properties* Amorphous, Poorly Ordered and Organized Polymeric Materials* Langmuir-Blodgett and Layer-by-Layer Structures* Multi-Component Polymer Systems and Fibers* Colloids and Microcapsules* Biomaterials and Biological Structures* Nanolithography with Intrusive AFM Tipand Dip-Pen Nanolithography* Microcantilever-Based Sensors

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